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    Rubin Spann

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    Vice President, Global Marketing

    Rubin Spann is many things: driven, focused, and a strategic leader with an innovative eye that has helped transform him into the global marketing expert that he is today. For more than 15 years, Rubin has worked as a Senior Commercial Marketing Leader managing the process on how medical device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare technology companies move closer to their customers through “the brand diplomacy process” – delivering on the company’s brand promise to their customers with a careful eye on flawless execution.


    Rubin Spann's unique insights and knowledge of several healthcare industries, as well as his cultural understanding of different global markets, distinguish him as a cutting-edge global marketing leader ensuring healthcare companies maximize their brands and products. In 2015, Rubin co-founded Global Marketing Squared, which specializes in partnering with global marketing teams at medical device, healthcare technology, and pharmaceutical companies to help them maximize their brand equity and product portfolio. Operating globally, GMS² combines customer insights and flawless marketing execution that helps its customers expand their global footprint and propel their businesses forward.


    Rubin Spann launched Global Marketing Squared to be a solution to a problem that he understood very well within the marketplace: global marketing teams at medical device and pharmaceutical companies are so busy focusing on daily tactical challenges that they don’t have the time to think about critical strategic and brand planning. GMS² takes this burden off them by completing the strategy and brand planning for these teams. Global Marketing Squared is Rubin’s foot in the door for these businesses where he helps them develop brands, redefine their strategies, and position their products in such a way that they are differentiated from their competitors.


    Rubin Spann earned his MBA of General Management & International Marketing from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas in 2001, and his BA in Organizational Psychology and Business at Catholic University of America. He was also candidate at the Masters of Science of Foreign Service program at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

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    Global Marketing Squared

    Vice President

    Global Marketing Squared (GMS²) is a boutique global healthcare product launch and branding firm. Currently, Rubin Spann leads the strategic partnership with a cutting-edge dental start-up to commercialize a new, proprietary in-office/hospital diagnostic technology across US, Europe, and Asia.

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    Director of Global Strategic Marketing

    Wound Care Hospital Capital Products

    At Acelity, Rubin Spann was responsible for all areas of global strategic marketing for a $500M hospital based portfolio (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) including: Capital, Consumables and Biologic products.

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    CONMED Corporation

    Global Group Director of Marketing

    At CONMED Corporation, Rubin Spann partnered with the executive leadership of a medical device company, spearheading transformation and trailblazing global, customer-centric marketing strategy, driving revenue growth and profitability for the multimillion-dollar Orthopedics division.

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    Rubin Spann's Videos

    Increasing Patient Loyalty in the Healthcare Industry

    by Rubin Spann

    Rubin discusses how to retain customers in the healthcare sector and the importance of doing so.

    Living With the Customer

    by Rubin Spann

    Rubin talks about the importance of brand diplomacy and understanding the need for "living with the customer." In an industry where so many don't spend enough time understanding the needs of the customer, Rubin Spann founded Global Marketing Squared to help remedy the shortcomings of the global healthcare marketing industry.

    Engaging Customers During Your Product Launch

    by Rubin Spann

    Rubin Spann details how marketers can effectively engage customers upon the release of a new product.

    Breaking Down Brand Diplomacy

    by Rubin Spann

    Rubin talks about the importance of understanding the concept of brand diplomacy and the need to understand the unique needs of each patient.

    Boosting Your Go-To Market Plan with Social Media

    by Rubin Spann

    Rubin Spann explains how marketers can employ social media to engage consumers as they bring new products to market.


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